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SONA and hair salons

When I learned that the Presidential SONA (State of the Nation) was coming up, I got excited at the possibility of filming/joining the protests on Commonwealth ave. I wonder if there would be any signs in Baybayin. Would I see the iconic Ka? The other day, I saw an artist group that was planning to […]

Manila Day

Went to Manila today with an aggressive agenda. Go to the 1) US Embassy, 2) Rizal Park, 3) National Library, 4) National Museum, 5) Intramuros and 6) UST. I ended up doing 4 out of 6. Intramuros and UST will have to be scheduled for another day. The National Library visit took longer than I […]

Bahay Baybayin – Jay Enage

Today, I interviewed Jay Enage at Bahay Baybayin and discussed the lectures this weekend. Nice place and people. Good food also! You should try the pandan lemon grass drink.


Last week I started taking some b-roll using a GoPro camera. I think I may end up using it more than my regular video camera.