SONA and hair salons

When I learned that the Presidential SONA (State of the Nation) was coming up, I got excited at the possibility of filming/joining the protests on Commonwealth ave. I wonder if there would be any signs in Baybayin. Would I see the iconic Ka? The other day, I saw an artist group that was planning to join the protests artfully. I though of making a sign that uses the DOT (Department of Tourism) “It’s more fun in the Philippines” line and making it “Mas masaya sa Pilipinas kung mayaman ka (It’s more fun in the Philippines if your rich).

So Monday morning comes, it’s SONA day and it rains. One of my interviews is pushed to another day and I have a rare day of downtime. Instead of joining the SONA protests, I got a haircut. I’m not a revolutionary or a physical protester. I guess you can say that my art is my protest.

I like getting haircuts in the Philippines and would purposely avoid expensive and inferior salons in the US if I had a scheduled trip home. The place of choice was a nearby David’s Salon where there was a group of workers surrounding a small TV behind the reception area watching the SONA but maybe the government should look at hair salons and how they treat customers and run their business.

For those who haven’t experienced a Philippine hair salon, here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Scalp massage while getting your hair shampooed and conditioned
  • Neck and shoulder massage while waiting for your hair stylist
  • Magazines brought over to you
  • While hair is falling, someone brushes it away off your apron
  • Hair rinse after your haircut is done
  • Blow dry and styling

Did I mention that all this is included in a standard haircut service? No extra charges or up sells. They even dry the inside of your ears with a towel after the rinse.

From an economic perspective, when was the last time you saw a Philippine hair salon go out of business? When was the last time the government did something extra and dried the inside of your ears?


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