About the documentary

My name is Kristian Kabuay, a Baybayin artist currently based in the San Francisco, California area. I was born in the Philippines and previously lived there for 10 years. The film focuses on answering the question: Does this “dead” Filipino script still exist in the modern Philippines? Follow me as I try to find Baybayin in the city of madness. As i go through my personal journey, I stumble upon some interesting people and places.

Selected scenes 1

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  1. Its a possitive new beggining for us new generation, im 45 years old and never heard of this, it leaves me thirsty for more ….thanks for doing this…i will encourage my children here in america to dig in and learn about their true roots~i have four boys and one girl which will apreciate it i know….

    1. Thanks for the message. I’m doing it for my daughter as well!

  2. Baybayin is only known to Artist who’s in search of our own history. In the mainstream school system in the Philippines, they don’t include this not even in history classes which is sad. I grew up in a small city called Cavite and also in search of our dying native language called “Chabacano”. I am also an artist so I truly appreciate your effort in educating people. I hope more of our kababayan, especially here in the Bay Area would learn it and use it as a part of their daily lives. This is one of the rare few things that we can call our own.

    1. Salamat, this is dedicated to the Filipino people around the world

  3. christian emman ables · · Reply

    I want to know more about it not just to put it on my skin but to understand it to the fullest so i can be proud of what we have before the Spaniards burn out our scripts..

  4. phyrrus vladimir · · Reply

    chabacano or chavacano is not a native language.. it came from spaniards.. and we zamboanguenio uses that everyday for communicating other people..

  5. Our Education Ministry or DepEd should introduce this back as a school curriculum. This is one of the biggest catastrophe that the Spanish/European conquerors has brought to our homeland. They erased a big part of our history.

  6. Is this movie available online for purchase or streaming?

    1. It’s not done yet, I’m still filming

  7. AnnaLyn Vida · · Reply

    Salamat Christian. I came to the US when I was 15 pero tagalog parin of course. I still remember learning this in history class. My younger sis came here when she was 9 pero derecho paren tagalog nya wag mo lang pagbabasahin, next week pa matatapos LOL… but this inspires me to teach my nephews about out culture, our real culture before we were called Filipinos by the Spaniards. I always wondered what people meant when they say they are Igorots instead of saying fiipinos… I reallized it’s because they are the native people of our country. Kinda like the Native (Indian) Americans. 🙂 An Igorot man explained that to me in a very sincere non demeaning way… Growing up in manila, then coming here, I’ve met filipinos from everywhere and I felt very ignorrant. You know being from the City, you think you are more matalino kesa sa provincianos, I realized I was so dumb when it comes to our real culture… Even with food, Oh my goodness… I feel very lucky to know people from all over Filipinas and happy to have the opportunity to keep learning… Salamat uli! I look forward to watching this film…

  8. Cecilio · · Reply

    Hi, I would like to get my daughters name translated in baybayin script? Could u please convert and let me know how I would pay you please?!

    1. Hi, pls see my store at

  9. napaka ganda na sana balang araw magiging panulat na taklaga natin yan , ako po ay nag papa kalat nang mga xerox na ?BAYBAYI?N alphabet kasi gusto kung matuto ang lahat tungkol dyan kahit alam kung di ito madali pipilitin kung mapa dali sa suportahan nyo po ang fan page ko na https://www.facebook.com/baybayin.alphabet .. <——– paki like po …

  10. I am a future educator and still studying here in University of Eastern Philippines Northern Samar,…i’m teaching Baybayin ,voluntarily,to small children(some are preschoolers),…here in Las Navas, N. Samar Philippines…,and i’m very happy that they learned how to write Baybayin even though they not yet know how to write the Roman Characters…and they can also read them…,at their young age…,so it’s not impossible that the young generations can learn Baybayin,..if only the government include a single subject just for BAYBAYIN ,then babayin can live again just like pre-spanish era….or why not filipino subject be converted into Baybayin Characters…,diba
    – Grade 1-3,..reading and writng baybayin after that ..in those 3 years children can master already the baybayin,..so yun until college dapat all filipino subjects nakasulat na dapat sa BAYBAYIN…

  11. I’m also interested in having my name written in Babybayin Script. You mentioned above to see your store, but don’t see a link to it anywhere. Can you provide the link? Mahalo ❤

  12. I am very interested on digging more information about our pre-colonized culture. I have been doing a lot of research about Alibata with tremendous hopes in bringing it back to life. Please update us more about your journey. The bay is only 8hrs from me, would love to collaborate one day 🙂

    ~ kimico

  13. Was this film ever finished?

    1. Still filming. I have a lot of footage

  14. Mr. Kristian Is it done na po ba?? 🙂

  15. Sana po mapanood na nmin toh… 🙂

  16. Ma. Yohana R. Frias · · Reply

    Magandang araw, isa po akong mananaliksik ng Pambansang Museo. Nais ko lang pong itanong kung kanino ako maaring humingi ng permiso kung sakaling maipalabas ang dokumentaryong ito sa Pambansang museo?
    Nagpaplano po kasi kaming magdaos ng film showing sa museo bilang pagdiriwang ng Buwan Ng Wika ngayong Agosto 2016 🙂

    1. Hindi pa tapos 🙂

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